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Bahamasair Virtual

Code of Conduct
Welcome to Bahamasair Virtual...

12/31 new years eve, ano viejo!,have a great 2005...Website is coming along!!
12/29 website is up...sort of
12/28 bahamasair VA founded
12/27 bahamasair VA first ideas


The Bahamas Flight Information Region! provides great info on the area thanks to the great job and controlling of Ariel Maisonet! keep it up!
All Information regarding PIREP's,  joining Bahamasair VA, and the rules can be found on the Code of Conduct page.  It is still under construction...

The Word:
Website is in gear but not in full shape...expect upgrades to the Roster page...meaning it being more colorful...and the rest of the site in terms of colors when I get back...remember I've built this website on a laptop 1500 miles away from where I live...I'll be back on January 3rd, 2005...Also expect a fleet page overhaul withing the next week!

Welcome to Bahamasair VA
      My name is Rey Lopez.  I am a big fan of the 737-200 and the Dash 8.  I also love to fly through beautiful places like the Bahamas and Florida!  We are interested in any pilots that apply.  Experienced or not, I will try to help you as much as I can.  I am always available for anything you might need...feel free to apply or e-mail me with questions or comments at thanks!

          Ok guys I have done some research and this is what I have found.  There is a 737-200 at avsim in our colors, just type in bahamasair in the search engine and download the FS2004 737-200 Bahamasair and any of the for the Dash 8 I will for now be using the LIAT or Air Jamaica Express Dash 8 as a replacement until I can find a painter.  There is a superb Dash 8 on avsim for FS2002!  It wont be long before we have all of our planes...another file I want to point out is it is Eric Cantu's 732 in the NEW Bahamasair paint...I will work on the Dash 8 first and then the 732 see you all later!