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Bahamasair Virtual

Code Of Conduct
Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct please ad-here by it thanks!

1. Be Active!!
  Ok here is the deal be a part of as many VA's as you want...if you join us I want 2 flights out of you a month.  Flying through the Bahamas 2 flights isnt long so tay active!!
  I want everyone to get along here...if you got a problem go out back behind the trailers and resolve it.  I wont tolerate disrespect on VATSIM or on the roger wilco channel or anywhere else in public.  Show the same maturity here that you show on the outside world.  Be respectful of everyone on VATSIM,  and take your time with noobs or controllers in training.  Failure to follow these rules can result in ejection from Bahamasair Virtual and suspension on VATSIM.
3.Have Fun
4.Help Others!
  If you see someone with a problem or they are doing something wrong let them know! I will not be aggrivated or annoyed if you come ot me with questions or concerns,  ask anyone I am not hard to get a long with just stay on my good side :D  !  Help noobs,  other pilots and controllers etc. on VATSIM.
Thats all for now at least...:D email me with questions or concerns!

Flying, PIREPs, the 411,anything else you want to know...

      ok pretty much self explanatory there on the PIREP's page...just email me with any problems!
2.The Flight
     Bahamasair VA is outside the box with our system...I want you to fly with the flight numbers you file on your should go off the realworld system at and fly those numbers even if you aren't on the right time...i dont care about that...your PID is needed only for filing the PIREPs
MYNN-Hub Manager needed...must be reliable and accesible...also need to know something about making websites and can put a decent one (try not to make it better than mine...but that might not be to difficult a task) and have it updated every 24-48 hours...if you cant meet the update thing...I'm cool with letting you update it on the weekends or something.
COO-if you want this and the HM job at MYNN then it's all good I'd rather have it like that...Job Descrip:be my back-up!! if news comes up or the site needs updating and I'm not around you do it...
Fleet Manager-I need someone to round up some planes...paint them if they can...and put together an awesome fleet page with sounds, panels, checklists and of course AIRCRAFT! 411:the shorts 360 is going to be part of our fleet when we get the cargo ops underway!
Webmaster-If you can build us a better website and run it in conjunction with me and the COO then tell me and do it! More info on this job to those that apply!
PILOT-Scroll up and read the COC...those are your rules...
Thanks for flying with us!
Rey Lopez